Parents Welcome Message


Greetings Parents,

The Parent Advisory Council offers a warm welcome to our newest members of the World of Money family. Your childrenare about to embark on a wonderful journey of learning financial education so that they can begin a life of equity and access. Our mission here is to improve the financial education and business acumen of our youth. We encourage children to understand their own financial situation and we in turn, create an educational forum for them to learn the vast opportunities and possibilities of their own financial future. This opportunity does not come without hard work. We expect our youth to attend every day, on time, with their game face on. In turn, they will encounter an impressive group of leaders that will serve as financial experts, educators, mentors and resources for colleges. The children will work hard this summer but they need your help. As involved parents, you have already made the first step in signing up your children but it is your turn now. This organization thrives on parent involvement. We encourage you to become an active member by referring your network and resources to keep this organization alive.

Parent Advisory Council,
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