Student Message


Welcome to World of Money, the only non-profit New York City organization that is invested in giving  you the opportunity to  develop an understanding of  what makes the world go round, MONEY! Everyday we are surrounded by images of financial behaviors that teach us the kind of relationship we should have with money now and in the future. Here at World of Money, we bring the experts in all areas of finance to YOU so that you can understand the ins and outs of the financial world. All week long, our team will work with you so that you are familiar with everything from banking, to the stock market, to entrepreneurship, to real estate, and so much more. Our new and improved curriculum now gives you the opportunity to become literate in coding and excel, along with the chance to pick up some conversational Mandarin Chinese in daily lessons.

During your week at World of Money, we hope that you not only are exposed to the financial world, but are introduced to a network of individuals that are excited to help you grow into a successful mogul.

We are most excited about all the opportunities that will come your way once you are an Alumni of World of Money! Once you have graduated, look forward to the opportunity to travel with us internationally to destinations like China and South Africa. Participate in the World of Money Alumni Amazing Race throughout New York City, completing tasks with your teammembers and competing for fantastic prizes. Join our alumni group as we ring the opening and closing bells at the NASDAQ stock exchange, and PLEASE, don’t forget to take advantage of all of the mentorship opportunities that are now available to you here at World of Money and with the various presenters that volunteered their time to you.


Here at World of Money, we think like millionares! Join us!

Your Student Classroom Leaders