Good afternoon everyone, my name is Terri Watson and I am excited and delighted about this celebration of such a dynamic program – I don’t usually take on speaking assignments but felt very honored when asked to share my testimonial of how my husband and I were impacted by the WOM this summer.

The World of Money experience we encountered (from the orientation given back in February at our daughter’s middle school, our beloved West Prep Academy up until as recent as the session attended last week) presented us with a monumental amount of information. As a result, we now have an entirely new way of thinking about financial planning for the whole family.

Our daughter, Tyler on the other hand was a tad slow in showing her enthusiasm for plans to attend. BUT that first day’s experience flipped her lid, she arrived home in financial overdrive and couldn’t share the information fast enough. Thereafter, she readily took on each homework assignment which only confirmed to us we had made the right decision enrolling her in the WOM. We were just as impressed with the curriculum and the innovative ways utilized to engage the students (oops! pardon me Moguls)!

The staff, teachers, and guest mentors all provided guidance that we found warm, nurturing, and professional. In addition, the program’s level of expertise was unfolding as a positive influence on Tyler’s thinking about her financial portfolio.

We will continue with the concepts shared around making smart money moves and of course what I like to call “lifeboat” themed workshops provided for the parents.

Ms. Lamb…. you deserve a rousing round of applause for your vision and willingness to create this platform. We are very happy for the opportunity to learn so much from your expertise, and fundamentals on becoming financially healthy.
Thanks to you an important message has been spread to our children and communities that foster life-changing attitudes about the world of money and being charitable.