When I first got the chance to become apart of World of Money, immediately, any previous ideas I had about money started changing for the better. My oldest daughter graduated from World of Money and all that she learned, is still with her today. She is now a college student, with her own business typing papers for other students. She also has the NASDAQ information on her home screen on her computer. She has since lost her job with a well known toy company, but manages to maintain the money she has saved while working. She even gives her friends advice about money!

I had the chance to prep my youngest daughter for the World of Money. She was already eager to go, because she remembers the conversations her older sister and I had. Once, she got the chance to go, she immediately started telling me to be careful with money and even sparked quite a few conversations about paying bills. She stopped asking for money, as well, and began to think of ways of how she can earn money. When going to the store to buy something, she would pay more attention to the money she had to “give away” versus the money should would have left over. This helped her make wise choices, whereas she thought twice about whether she needed something or not. We began making shopping lists together and shopped with caution. She has become somewhat of an advocate for the World of Money. She began telling friends that she was going to financial camp and they would ask her what is financial camp? She then, would tell them this long speech about how she learned not to be broke and beg for money. She also, got her friends interested and their parents called me to see how they can get involved. When we would come home on thje same expressway, we used to always see a woman begging for money, on the side of the road. We woud have conversations about the woman standing in all kinds of weather to get money. Audrey used to wonder why the woman would do that on a daily basis. After Audrey started going to the World of Money, and seeing the same woman, she made comments instead of asking questions. She said, “Mommy, what that woman needs to do is get a job, instead of wasting her time, begging for money. She needs to go to school and save up her money, so she doesn’t have to do this anymore. That’s not going to happen to me. I am going to make money and save it, so I don’t have to stand on the side of the road, begging for money. Watching my daughters go through the program made me want to get involved, in which I decided to become further involved in my children’s education on finances, by joining the World of Money Parent Advisory Council.