I feel that this World of Money program was incredibly essential for my entire family especially the children. Every evening they came home we discussed the focus of the day they would immediately say “we learned a lot.” When I reviewed the information discussed during the sessions they readily share this knowledge with excitement. I was impressed by the curriculum that was designed and developed with our young people in mind. I know that education about money early in life equips and empowers one to succeed. I particularly liked the demand for excellence through your code of conduct focusing on attire, participation and professionalism. I was impressed by the real estate tour in Brooklyn. The facilitator was empowering and enthusiastic. She embraced the children and their chaperones by engaging us in dialogue that was relevant and motivating.

As a parent I will continue with the idea of earning money through excellence in performance of chores, grades, etc. I will also fine the children when they are repeatedly late or fail to listen. (Thanks that was a good one!) I also like that you have a class for the parents. I feel this allows us to reinforce learning. I have already incorporated some of these “pearls of wisdom” into my financial life. Special Kudos to Ms. Lamb for this program, for the time and effort put towards this great venture. It is our desire to join you next year.