Where do I begin? I was told about the World of Money Program late last spring 2011. Once I attended the orientation program and heard you speak, I knew this is where my son needed to be. It was imperative for me to allow him the opportunity to learn from and be among such great professionals in many aspects of business and finances. I must also not forget the wonderful Mandarin immersion that he was exposed to, he doesn’t hesitate to let me know when he recognizes and interprets words spoken by Chinese speaking individuals. My son attended the WOM program 2011 and didn’t I did not hesitate for him to attend 2012 as well. The information he has learned is priceless. He has learned the financial tools to become successful in any future endeavors, which happens to be business and finance for him, thanks to the informative and intelligent presenters he witnessed. We live in Suffolk County, Long Island, so commuting to New York could be daunting, however, the temporary sacrifice was worth every second. World of Money has opened my eyes as well, regarding financial matters and responsibilities. Where would I have learned about a DRIP(dividend re-investment plan), thanks to the WOM Youth Financial Institute, that is a frequently used word in our household. We watch business news cable shows, read the business sections in the newspaper and keep up with interest rates. The day of Community Service was also a great experience to allow Jordan the concept of doing tasks to benefit the enjoyment of others.I tell everyone I know of what a great experience my family has had with World of Money, and they need to learn more about the Youth Financial Institute. I can’t thank you enough for allowing my family to forever be touched by your wonderful organization. I will forever be grateful.