Before World of Money I lived the life of a financially ignorant teenager, I own currently $150+ sneakers, $55 jeans, and $20 shirts. I had a good childhood I had the coolest clothes, nicest sneakers, and went on vacations to various places. Money never seemed like an issue growing up I knew that I was fortunate but I also knew I wasn’t rich. It was hard for me to save money I usually just spend and never think about if I really need it or even want what I’m getting. My parents often called me “spoiled” which I never understood.

During World of Money my eyes mere opened to the financial world we all live in. I was amazed at the concept of making money grow because I like most people love money and making it grow. My mother had to get used to me coming home every day unloading all the information that I learned in class. It was overwhelming learning a huge amount of important financial information in only a week especially knowing that I will use the information in the future. I had no knowledge of real estate, verbal agreements, taxes or stocks however with World of Money I am confident in my new knowledge of these topics.

After experiencing World of Money I am more aware of my flaws however I struggle with facing my contribution to financial issues. I still contain my overspending tendency, but I also know how to save money and invest. After the program I was able to completely understand everything that was taught. I still have a costly taste in sneakers, clothes, and most things but I know how to limit the amount I spend. I am now aware of the fact that I would like to invest my money now so that I will have more money in the future.
As for my career choice I still do not know what I want to do. I am still fairly young and have time to figure out what exactly I want to do in my future. I want to be certain that the career that I choose is something that makes me happy financially and emotionally.With life you never know what the future holds so I live life one day at a time instead of planning it.