I am glad that I decided to enroll Avery in the World of Money (WoM) summer program. Avery’s exposure to people in the financial world, entrepreneurs and other professionals has served to further broaden his thoughts about money…it also reinforces and validates things I have discussed with him regarding money/finances. It is critical that our children begin to think like millionaires so that becoming one is second nature. The sooner children understand money, the more conscious they become regarding its value, usage and the power it has in this society. Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can sure make your life easier! Being wise about your money and understanding that you have to have it affords a sense of freedom that makes life more enriching.

One key thing that Avery now understands is that in order to write checks there has to be money in the bank; there is no invisible person depositing money into your bank account when you’re not looking. His WoM experience was very positive and he is on track to becoming a millionaire by 21!!! I remind him of that all the time; initially he reacted as though that was beyond his reach, but after hearing me say it so much he has adopted it as his own mantra. He may not have mapped out all the details, but he is on the road to riche$. Exposure to WoM has helped him to approach his own personal portfolio – bank account, stock account and money market account – with greater understanding.

During WoM orientation when Avery calculated how much money he could have had by now from saving $2 per day, he responded with a “Wow.” Since that time he has committed to earning his $2 per day and has been quite successful and resourceful in earning it…including charging Grandma to wash her tub. LOL! He used to think having $300 in his account made him rich… he now knows better.Candid discussions about our household expenses have also made him even more conscious of money. Those moments when he gets a little extreme, i.e. eating less to save money on groceries, then I have to reel him in. Communication about money is so important because he is learning lessons at a young age that will be with him for a lifetime.

THANKS for starting such a wonderful organization and setting children (and undoubtedly some parents too!) on the road to financial freedom and RICHE$! The service project was a great component and Avery thoroughly enjoyed it.Be assured that there are younger kids in the family waiting to participate in WoM.