Attending World of Money has greatly affected my life. It has helped me find my love for finance. Through the many lessons it helped give me essential foundations for a field I am going to break through in. World of Money has also helped find me a mentor in the finance industry, Joseph Edmondson.

Before attending World of Money I had an interest for financial matters. What World of Money helped me with is how financial news effects to my life. After the session I could fully understand the financial news of the week. Now I am looking forward to Monday to see what new news there is and connect it to my life. World of Money also taught me how there is a benefit to donating. If one donates to a 501(c)(3) organization they can get tax deductions. It also taught me that you must always give back to those who don’t have. After attending World of Money for three years my love for finance has grown. From World of Money, I’ve found that I am determined to be an investment banker. I want to be the mastermind behind major financial news in the future; I love analyzing data and figuring out what it means. Before this year’s session of World of Money I reached out to a number of executives from investment banks in the city to be a mentor to me.

I was very fortunate to receive a response from the Vice Chairman of a major international investment firm. He was very pleased to receive a letter from a young person interested in his field of work and would be happy to take me on as his mentee.