“How Did The Youth Financial Education Training Institute Program Impact Our Child”

All Children in today’s society are major targets in the consumer world! There is an endless desire to satisfy this thirst for goods without any thought or concern for how it’s afforded. Parents are also partially at fault for not having the knowledge, education or ability to input in ways that are heard or understood by these soft targets.

The Youth Financial Education Training Institute Program has been very effective for our daughter and manages to cut right through the pressures of these young minds. The program instills in them a sense of empowerment and responsibility that allows them to view money in a different way, and to understand that sustained wealth is power. Much like a counter strike force, this organization helps to reverse the effects of these highly successful marketing agencies. Our daughter, Gabriella emerged with a revised perspective on how to be more responsible regarding finance. She definitely understands now the differences between wants and needs and is motivated to explore the many opportunities that were discussed in her session.

I am very impressed with Ms. Sabrina Lamb and her passion to empower, and her commitment to these young students by not having an end date to the program with frequent and very interesting engagements all year round.

The Youth Financial Education Training Institute program also encourages the young people to give back to the community. Gabriella is currently exploring ways to create a similar program for middle school students. “Now that is “real time” responsibility for a 14 year old”.

We were very pleased with the impact the Institute had on daughter and we can say with conviction that we are proud parents of a Youth Financial Education Training Institute graduate. The whole experience has undoubtedly further solidified our mutual admiration for this fine youth organization.