My daughter Olivia has participated in World of Money for two years now. I have to say that her eyes have been opened to a world (pardon the pun) of financial possibilities. It’s funny how a person absorbs information but the more interesting thing to me is when the information turns into application, when merely hearing information becomes translates into a behavior. That is the point at which my daughter is now. She hasn’t yet figured out her next big money break, nor has she started to build a better mouse trap but I know she is thinking about these things more seriously. I know she sees the value in her time when she ensures that she is on time for her activities. I see that she is thinking more carefully on her decision to go to college as to how we will pay for it. When she browses at college applications, I know the questions she asks me have been sparked by something World of Money has made her aware of. Olivia is taking more serious account of not only her money but of the decisions she will make now and in the near future that will affect her more distant future.

And I love it. It brings me joy, especially when she made a comment about the MTA worker who recently won the Mega Million jackpot of $133 million. Mr. Boyce was being interviewed as to what he would do with all his newly won riches. He said he’d like to travel and deep-sea fish, maybe even buy a boat. Olivia wasn’t impressed by what he could spend his $55 million slice of the American pie. She said he should put it in the bank and live off of the interest, “That’s what I would do”. And I knew World of Money was right there with me, beaming just as proudly as I was.