Our daughter, Chloe Brown learned so much from her experience at World of Money. Everyday she came back from class eager to do her homework. It was nice to see her interested in learning Chinese and learning about the financial world. She would also ask us questions about our finances which made me realize we have expectations of their understanding of money without giving them all the information which is unfair.

This morning while I was watching CNBC and they talked about an IPO, Chloe chimed in saying that was an initial public offering. It was nice to see her interested in something that could help her in her future studies.

As parents we try to teach and provide for our children. But in these difficult times there never seems to be enough time to do this enough. I am grateful that your organization has been able to assist Chloe and all the children. They will be better informed and hopefully put into action what they have learned.

I will sit down and have more candid talks about finances with Chloe in the future. I think she has a better foundation now and will be better able to receive financial information in the future. Yesterday I was in the supermarket, and a mother and daughter were shopping, they were in front of the ice creams. The daughter clearly wanted one brand that was not on sale and the mother was clearly telling her to pick from the ones on sale. This conversation went on for a while and the mom was upset. I think the part missing was the daughter understanding the budget concerns.

I am a saver by nature and have tried to teach that to my children. They know if it is not on sale we probably are not getting it,unless there is a real need for the item. I think I understand after Chloe’s week that it is not enough to save. One must possess the financial education.

We were saddened to not be able to participate in day of Community Service. We participate at every chance we get usually through school projects and the boy and girl scouts. We also donate clothes to various organizations and to individuals. I think we are sending the message that every one matters.