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World of Money.Org Presents…

The 2011 Annual Awards Reception and Fundraiser “An Inspiration, Celebration and Emergence” at The Tibet House on Thursday, June 2, 2011, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The WorldofMoney.org has empowered hundreds of families and this high-powered evening is a cause to reaffirm our mission, award our honorees and to celebrate. In order to continue our mission, we need your financial support. Please pledge your support by responding with your tax-deductible donation.

Our stellar 2011 Honorees are:

Caroline Clarke, Executive Editor & Host, Black Enterprise Business Report

Kyle Donovan, Publisher, NV Magazine

Obie McKenzie, BlackRock, Inc.

Michael Robinson, Microsoft, General Manager-Public Sector, MEA!

Co-Host, Ms. Rhonda Ross

rossRhonda Ross, the only daughter of legendary superstar Diana Ross and business mogul Berry Gordy, was born in Beverly Hills, California, raised in New York City, and has traveled and lived all over the world. A product of New York's most prestigious private schools and an elite boarding school in Switzerland, Rhonda learned early that relationships are more important than gold. She nurtures them, honors them, and preserves them no matter where her life and career take her.

Rhonda loves people and the feeling is mutual. She reaches out and connects with them in each and every area of her life. It's one of the reasons she decided to become bilingual and (because the artistic world is about communicating with an audience) it's one of the reasons she pursued a career in the arts. After graduating from Brown University with Honors, Rhonda mined her genetic DNA and followed her parents' footsteps into the world of the performing arts. She enjoyed much success as an actress: starring in several movies and received an Emmy Award nomination for her tour-de-force role on NBC's Another World. She also took the world-stage by storm, performing her uniquely titled 'SongTelling' concerts (an elegant blend of poetry and music) everywhere from Europe and Japan to New York's Blue Note and even Radio City Music Hall. Rhonda noticed immediately that the most important skill in music and acting is the ability to listen -- really listen. It's a skill she took with her to her next big venture.

In 2005, because of a burgeoning passion for real estate investment, Rhonda started a career in real estate brokerage. She instantly gave 200% to her clients. Using her newfound skill of listening, she offered them her sincere care and genuine guidance and connected them with her extensive network around the city and the world. Each and every one of Rhonda's working relationships developed into a friendship that has lasted long beyond the closing table. Because of her experiences, Rhonda began to dream of creating a whole new world of Real Estate Brokerage where helping someone find or sell a home is an honorable vocation and one that can and should be a 'win-win' situation for all involved. In 2008 she created it, Ross Realty International.

Ross Realty International is a globally connected oasis for sellers of prime real estate to connect with eager and available buyers. A community based on the highest ethical and moral collaborations and relationships based on connection not corruption. A company that exists to get you the most from your investment because it truly has your best interests at heart.

If this is the kind of brokerage you've been looking for, contact us today and let Rhonda and Ross Realty International share why we truly believe: "The Right Relationship Makes A World of Difference."


Co-Host, Wali Collins

colinsNew York City's number one comedian is also the Visionary/CEO of Y'nevano.com. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts. Wali was and still is an accomplished drummer. Not only currently being a member of the Central Park Djembe drummers. Wali has played in R&B, Pop, Funk and Jazz bands. Wali toured with the award winning Lawrence Bagwell Gospel Choral before graduating high school. And he was the youngest to ever join the New England Jazz Society. After college, Wali was working on being the best Architect New England has ever known. But the calling for show business was too strong. He played in bands, did session work, but that wasn't enough. He needed more. Always having a keen sense of humor, his parents urged him to try stand-up comedy. His first time on stage Wali was convinced that he had bombed, but the manager paid him and asked him to come back every week as a featured act. Wali Collins has been going strong ever since. Wali moved to New York City to work on a show for Comedy Central called "Stand-up, Stand-up". He hosted the largest funniest, most varied collection of stand-up comedians in the world.

He was nominated three years in a row as "College Campus Entertainer of the Year". Wali is also the most sought after comedian for corporate events. IBM, L'Oreal, and Johnson and Johnson, FEDEX are just four of the many companies.

Wali Collins is a regular at all of the main stream Comedy clubs in New York City and Los Angeles. He even headlines and tours at Comedy clubs in of all places, Holland. Collins' television stand-up credits include HBO, ABC's "The View", Comedy Central's "Tough Crowd", Commentary on VH1, to name a very few. David Letterman caught Wali's act and recruited him to warm-up for his show. Later that season Wali was a featured performer on the "Late Show with David Letterman". Quoted by GQ magazine "Wali's true purpose becomes evident".

What about acting? Wali's one of the lead actors in Independent films, "Claire Makes It Big" and the award winning "Maybe Means No". He's also landed a role in the Jerry Brucheimer film "Coyote Ugly". Wali also was featured in the hit sitcom "Spin City", Comedy Central's "Chappelle Show" . He's the host of the new PBS series special, "Wild TV". If Wali's face looks familiar to you it's because you've seen him in endless amount of national television commercials.

In the words of Robert Klein, "Wali Collins is versatile, smart and very, very funny. Wali is headed only one way, Stardom." If you haven't seen Wali do his thing in either stand up or acting, you're missing out on one very gifted man.


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