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Founded in 2005, the WorldofMoney.org is a New York City based 501(c)(3) social profit organization whose mission is to empower youth with a sound financial foundation. Now more than ever this organization is needed to break a generational cycle and to change the way youth, Young Moguls (ages 6 - 9); Rising Moguls (ages 10 - 12) and Moguls (ages 13-18), view money by equipping them with 5 tenets for a financially responsible life: learn, earn, save, invest and donate.

The WorldofMoney.org is dedicated to the financial education of young people in the New York Tri-State area. The Money Track curriculum includes: wealth consciousness, money creation, disciplined savings, stock market investing, real estate investing, mutual funds, credit, mortgages, homeownership, business etiquette et al. The 2013 WorldofMoney.org Summer Youth Financial Education Training Institute graduated 125 enthusiastic young people. In addition, a Parent "Money Matters" Forum, Community Day of Service, Youth Business School and Washington D.C. Tour, Access Granted Forums and Educational Opportunity Summits are offered. Annual tours to China and South Africa are scheduled.

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Your Money Poll
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